Friday, February 03, 2006

The Best Buy Wrecking Ball Massacre

I've been shopping for a PC for weeks, when I finally settled on one, it was from Best Buy. I deliberately shared the information and gave Best Buy good reviews with my peers because I thought they had the best deal.


A) I went to the store with my friend - practically helped them sell a PC through a manager. Asked about price - then said I was comparison shopping and would be back. Fair enough.

B) I went to their website and found the same PC for 100 dollars more in the sale ad. So Naturally,

C) I called Best Buy to find out if the sale ad was correct. I was told $299 after rebates at $349 I'd get a monitor and printer in the deal. GREAT.

D) I planned an appointment to see Best Buy with a Secretarial Sort. I made bank arrangements to have EXCESS of $349 on hand.

E) I flashed the cash at the Salesperson said lets load it up. He helped 2 other customers before me and didn't talk to me at all before I...

F) Went to the Manager - Who pointed out that the fine print listed the Package at $600.00.

1) I already have a Printer.
2) I already have a Monitor
3) The Bullshit was so thick it made me want to vomit.

so like any mortal man,

G) I Screamed, Hollered, Waved the Sale Ad...Mentioned False Advertising - Probably lost them some business, and went to CIRCUIT CITY.

Where A) I got next years model - for a HIGHER PRICE - With a Better Mail In Rebate...

Too Bad Best Buy

YOU LOSE. YOU SUCK. AND ITS GAME OVER. This is Superbowl week.

Sincerely Yours,

Christopher J. Bradley
Proud E-Machines Owner.